Childbirth Education


Vernix? Colostrum? Meconium? Help!

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the books, articles, and stories you’ve be exposed to about birth? Have no fear! In an unbiased, evidence-based, and FUN class, I can help you make sense of it all, and prepare you for the birth experience you want. In four two-hour classes we will cover what to expect during late pregnancy, the different stages of labor, and the first hours and weeks postpartum. If you are planning a homebirth, this class can easily be adapted for your needs as well.

This class will occasionally be offered in group settings, but is also available to be taught privately in the comfort of your own home. Please contact me for more information!

$200 per couple
Add some friends for $100/couple!
Add a Birth Doula package to your private classes and get $100 off!


Class 1
: The End of Pregnancy and Preparing for Labor
Class 2: Labor and Birth
Class 3: Hospital Interventions and Labor Variations
Class 4: Newborn Babies and the Postpartum Time