Birth doula

Emlen Family Doula provides emotional and physical support to laboring women. Unlike nurses, doctors, and midwives, a doula is there solely to support the laboring woman and her partner in non-medical ways. This may include massage, suggested position changes, soothing words of comfort, uninterrupted physical presence throughout labor, judgement-free validation of personal preferences, and more. Your birth doula package will include:

  • 1 hour free consult to get to know each other
  • Prenatal visit(s) in your home or elsewhere
  • 24/7 on-call availability via text, phone, or email leading up to labor
  • Assistance in developing a birth plan
  • Continuous physical and emotional support from onset of labor until birth
  • 1-2 hour(s) of immediate postpartum care to assist in feeding and assure your physical and emotional comfort
  • Postpartum visit(s) in your home 
  • Amateur photography and notes from birth available upon request

Postpartum doula

Emlen Family Doula provides nurturing, judgement-free support for new families during the precious and challenging first days, weeks, and months after a baby is born. This support adapts with the needs of each family and may include:

  • 1 hour free consult to get to know each other
  • Light housekeeping and/or cooking
  • Assistance in feeding, whether by breast or bottle
  • Help with older children and/or pets
  • Emotional and physical care for the new mother
  • Newborn care while mother sleeps, during the day or night
  • Other support as needed

8hr package at $25.00/hour = $200
16hr package at $22.50/hour = $360
24hr package at $20.00/hour = $480

Packages may be redeemed in 2-8 hour shifts, depending on location.
Any packages larger than 24 hours will be billed at a rate of $20.00/hour.
A travel fee of $20 per trip will be charged for clients over an hour away.