What my clients say...


"I love talking about the birth experience of my babies. Having a baby is the hardest, coolest, most horrible, most wonderful thing a woman can do with her body, and the birth of both of my children is no exception. What made my son's birth special was the fact that Nina was there.

Nina spent time with our family in the months of my pregnancy, asking about my first child's birth, my observations, things I wished had gone differently, things I was surprised by, things I was proud of. It never felt clinical or rushed, it never felt like it was on the clock - she was genuinely interested and enjoyed hanging out with us. That created an intimacy that made me feel so comfortable with texting her things like "regular contractions!" and then, a few hours later, disappointed: "contractions stopped :-(", not to mention the intimacy of, you know, having a baby right next to her as she held my leg. I had not considered a doula before deciding to have Nina's help, and now I can't imagine doing it without one.

Nina is an advocate for her client. She's the one who brings you wonderful snacks from the outside world when you're stuck in the hospital longer than you thought you would be. She's the one who goes and chases down a nurse to refill your water when you don't want to bother them by ringing the buzzer again. She's the one who has ibuprofen for your husband when you're in labor at 2 in the morning. She's the one who acts like you are probably the best woman in labor she's ever seen, and even if that's not true, man does it feel great when you're in the uncomfortable, scary, messy throes of labor to know you're kicking ass at it. And when it's all said and done, she treats that little darling baby like its the first and most beautiful baby she's ever seen.

After I was discharged, I began to wrestle with postpartum depression, and Nina was the one I texted the most about it. Anything that popped into my head, I texted her. I had postpartum support with my family and friends, of course, but Nina was a safe resource that was totally focused on me. She texted me every day to ask how I was feeling, and she came over to hold my baby and help me with my oldest child in ways I didn't even need to ask her to do.

So you're thinking of getting a doula, and are considering Nina? Look no further. She is small, but mighty. She will communicate clearly, warmly, and honestly. She'll ask you want you want and meet you in that desire. And after you're home with your baby and you just need someone to listen to every little hormonal overwhelming thought you're having, Nina will be there. You can't even put a price tag on that kind of support. Hire her."

- A.S. (mother)

"As my husband and I prepared for the birth of our first baby, I wondered whether having a doula would really be necessary. Wouldn't our midwife and a nurse be enough? But family members who had recently had a baby recommended having a doula, and we trusted their judgment. We're very glad we did -- and that we found Nina.

I couldn't fully appreciate beforehand how much having a constant gentle, emotionally supportive presence would benefit me, my labor and my husband. Nina's kind words and encouragement (and hands to squeeze during each contraction) reassured me and helped me relax. She helped make the atmosphere one filled with love and celebration, not fear.

That is what I'm most grateful for, though she also communicated with family members when neither my husband nor I could; encouraged my husband to eat and sleep when the labor extended beyond 24 hours; and was there for my husband and baby when I needed an emergency C-section and was separated from them for a while.

Our son's birth was an incredible experience -- one that's difficult to describe. I'm glad someone else was there to know that firsthand, too.

We appreciated talking with Nina before and after the birth. She is open, responsive, realistic, easy to connect with, and knows what new moms and dads need. We are forever glad she was by our side."

- E. R. (mother)

"My husband and I decided to look into the option of a doula for the birth of our second child, due to the possibility that he wasn't going to be able to be there. After meeting Nina we knew she would be a perfect fit for us. She is warm, friendly and enthusiastic about childbirth. I immediately felt comfortable with her. Throughout my pregnancy she was supportive, encouraging and knowledgeable. My second labor was very different than my first. I was in early labor for days. She was there for my 24 hour stay in labor and delivery. During my stay she was amazing. She was nurturing, very attentive and ensured I was as comfortable as possible. She was informative by offering many suggestions to get labor going and walked the halls with me for hours! After my labor stalled I decided to go home and wait. The few days I spent at home waiting were the hardest days for me. Nina's emotional support during this time was invaluable. Nina and I remained in almost constant contact, she was the positive and compassionate support I needed. After my membranes ruptured, labor was fast and intense. Nina was there to help me stay focused on my birth plan and reminded me I could do it when I felt I couldn't. Not only did I feel supported, my husband did also. We are forever grateful for Nina and are so lucky to have had her be part of our son's birth. She is a wonderful person and an incredible doula who will always hold a special place in my heart. I would recommend her to anyone considering a doula."

- T.H. (mother)

"Nina was an incredible partner during my wife's pregnancy, meeting with us several times and offering very sage advice and overall counsel. During an unexpectedly complicated labor, she provided stability, comfort, and a strong pair of hands(!) to help us welcome our son into the world. She was not just an incredible doula, but also a trusted confidant, a wealth of knowledge, and a dear friend. We can't recommend her enough!

- K.S. (partner)